Thursday, July 19, 2018


Follow up on the previous post, we got royally SCREWED by our landlord.  Our rent did not increase $26 a month, it increased $56 a month.  Claimed we were have "supposed to paid $15 a month for a pet fee and a $15 a month maintenance fee" the previous year and they forgot to charge us.  Didn't budge a single dollar, basically told us we were screwed.  Point of order:  What the hell did we pay a $250 non-refundable pet deposit for if they are going to now charge monthly?

Screwed isn't the term for this one.  Karen's mother passed Tuesday morning.  We have not been in contact with her or Karen's sister Pam since September 2016.  We got a call from our nephew at 7:30am saying she wasn't going to make it through the day.  Um.  We didn't know she was in the hospital.  OK?  Later that same afternoon I get a phone call from an old friend of Pam's who informed me of the death and the time of death.

Then she went into that "I know I'm not family" spiel and eventually it turned to "Pam can't afford to do anything except donate the body to HPU Medical and get the ashes when they are finished with it."  I replied quietly and evenly, "I'm sorry."  

She hadn't mentioned anything definite to me, but I was SURE Karen was going to do something toward her mother's final rest, but this morning we awoke to a newspaper obit with the message that there would be no services and the body was being sent to a crematorium.  Then to top it all, Pam's son posts a "full obituary" on his own little Facebook page this morning, with names and dates, etc., purposefully leaving out Karen (oldest daughter), our son Josh (grandson) and his three kids, who are her great-grandchildren.

That explains my own post on Facebook today where I proclaimed that the Karen A.T.M. has closed permanently and customers should find alternate sources for emergency cash.  Speaking of cash.  No.  I shall not go there.  Not now or ever. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Future Shock

Tomorrow we venture to the leasing office to renew our lease here for the 18th (and FINAL) year at the Terrace and I'm afraid I'm going to sound off over everything that has not been handled as promised by the "new" owners own set of rules.  I have a neighbor whose car has been broken down since she got arrested around Thanksgiving '17, yet it's still parked in front of her apartment with 3 flat tires.  I snapped a photo of it last month with no license tag (it was being used on the "newer" ragged car she was driving) and the manager came over and give the tenant a "heads up".  Next morning the old car had a plate on it again (albeit expired) and it's still sitting in the driveway.

Their second or "newest" car has been sitting across the parking lot for three days unable to be moved because it appears someone has driven it into a ditch or culvert, ripping off much of the exhaust system.  The donut tire on the front of the car is canted at a super weird angle which tells me most likely that the front end is damaged beyond the ability to drive it as well.  Seeing "Sugar Daddy" making an appearance yesterday to look at the damaged vehicles proves to me that this woman once again has two wrecked cars in the parking lot, neither able to be driven.  She only calls Baby Daddy when she needs cash money homey.  I don't recall seeing him in a few years actually.

There's also the "102 Jamz" Nissan in the parking lot, which has had a flat tire for months and has not moved.  I see kids playing in the car and an occasional adult accessing stuff locked in the trunk, but the car does not and can not move.  Pretty sure when we signed our lease last year one of the main new rules for this complex is all vehicles parked on the property must have valid license and inspection and be able to be driven.  So really.  WTF Terrace?

Don't get me started on 18+ year old carpet and paint inside.  Or the early 1970s stove we still use here.  We did finally get our bushes trimmed, I can finally see my own car in the parking lot again, but only after several calls to the office.  Was actually informed that the crew had been sent to "another property" when they stopped here, but hey, at the time this place was full.

They tell us that the market value for our townhome is well above the price of a beginner house and they are trying to raise the rent accordingly, but by law are not allowed to raise it more than a couple of percent a year, so we are going to make tracks out of here before the next lease is due, possibly buying something of our own for a change instead of paying "full market value" for a rental with no return.

Really getting tired of the neighbors here.  Not the neighborhood.  Not the location, but the neighbors.  Same neighbor with the trashed cars has a fire pit behind their apartment and sit outside partying some nights.  That explains the charred remains of burnt wood often spread all over the parking lot.  And the pile of charred wood that is piled in front of the dumpster along with full baby diapers and other signs that cave people live in this complex.  I can't understand how the same folks send the same kids to the same dumpster, to have the same result, garbage on the ground around the can.  I can only imagine what the inside of their places look like.

It's not all of the neighbors, mind you, my next door neighbor of 16+ years is a gem and a friend.  Next door on the other side is a young inter-racial couple with a tiny baby.  They've already had the police and Social Services visit a few Sundays ago after he struck her and she called the po-po.  Saw where he was charged with assault on a female and he quickly moved out.  It's been a month or so and now he's starting to try to weasel his way back into the apartment, making numerous visits recently.  Funny.  He doesn't come by until one of his or her relatives comes by to take the baby.  

Enough of this.  Back to music, rasslin' and more music!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Satan Vacations In the Tarheel State

Satan vacations in North Carolina?  If he doesn't he's missing weather aimed to please him.  Ten degrees above the average temp yesterday, hotter today.  We're getting August in June with a rising humidity.  All of this on the heels of our late spring monsoon season.  I really dread an afternoon shower, with this heat it will be an ugly electrical storm it one comes over.  Weather on tv saying "hotter and higher humidity".  Thanks for dropping by and remember, it's not technically summer until Thursday!

Tommy's on "crazy overtime" once again, but has sent me new music for covers of the Beatles' "I Will" and Soundgarden's "Black Hole Sun" and I'm champing at the bit to go back to studio with these two favorites.  He also told me he thinks the next one will be another original, which I welcome openly.  Seriously considering pulling out the guitar and work on something different but with strings over a year old, I quickly remember why I don't.  Heh.  I should sell the Ovation, the Jag bass and the Fender Rumble 75 w bass amp.  I haven't picked them up on months.  Keep eyeing a couple of new guitars I'd like to get my hands on, particularly the Eastwood Moderne (50's Gibson design) and Eastwood Backlund 100, currently being used by Todd Rundgren on the Utopia tour.  The Backlund series ALL have a beautiful retro look to them, similar to 50's car lines and color combos.  Matter of fact, here are the three colors available in the Backlund 100 line in blue, red and black:

In case you don't know, Pip rules the roost in our home.  He has the center command seat and uses his authority to get what he wants.  Especially between 2 and 4 am when I am required to walk all the way downstairs to the kitchen to watch him eat.  He won't leave me alone until I do just that.  Otherwise, it's jumping on the dresser and swatting jewelry in the floor all the way to knocking over a canned drink sitting on the nightstand.  And that pitiful little meow like he's about to die.  Being old and waking up in the middle of the night is an opportunity to go to the bathroom, so downstairs isn't all that much of a big deal.  Yet.  We'll see going forward.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Bits and Pieces

Tommy and I actually recorded our first Judas Priest cover, "Hellion/Electric Eye".  His guitar work on it is incredible and his backing vocals make the tune scream.  Of course, I've only heard the first rough mix at this point.  We're looking at another couple of covers to tackle, Soundgarden's "Black Hole Sun" and the Beatles' "I Will" seem to be on deck next.  I'll know for sure when the raw music files arrive!  #RoxX  Fingers crossed for new originals, too!

Seems like it's monsoon season around here the past few weeks, raining daily.  Frog-strangler rains and such.  I did see the sunshine yesterday a bit and for minutes today, but only long enough to make it stifling hot.  Yeah.  June 1.  Way too early for unable to breathe just because you're outside, North Carolina, it's time you fix that mess.  

Speaking of summer, are these young Braves a real thing?  I'm finding myself watching daily, almost like 1995 all over again.  The pitcher I've been told is going to be great, Teheran, scares me to death on the mound, but in his defense, I've seen him put on some REAL quality starts of late.  Fingers crossed he pans out and turns the corner.  Really excited about the wave of youth that is showing out daily.  #ThisIsWhyWeChop

Date added to the rasslin' schedule with the Rising Generation League this Saturday, June 2 at the Mid Atlantic Sportatorium in Gibsonville NC.  June 9th is the Summer Spectacular, CWF ABSOLUTE JUSTICE 2018!  Tickets at  Then the July schedule begins on June 30th when CWF returns to the Sportatorium.  See what I did there?

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Insurance: A Gamble Or A Rip-Off?

After 3 estimates (actually 4) the Fit was taken to the body shop for repair last Monday morning.  It made it home the following Monday since the original completion date of Thursday was the day the rear bumper cover arrived.  I don't like talking to the "other guy's" insurance company and had words with the gentleman that came here and spent 3 hours looking, measuring and photographing my car.  He calls to inform me "one of the dents" on the back wasn't his guy's responsibility.  I went full master fabricator on him and demanded he show me in what book it tells you that formed steel will not bend, roll or crease away from an actual impact and he began to stutter.  The car is fixed to our satisfaction, from the back the car looks new.  The clean up they did inside and out was worth the 7 days in a rental, which was a monster gas hog.  (Toyota, ya'll!)

Pip got us last Saturday.  In the rush of renting a SECOND car for Karen to take to work, I dumped some stuff she was carrying to work on the kitchen cabinet.  When she was ready for work, she grabbed the bag, her lunch and her handbag and left.  She arrived at work wondering what the H was all over the seat, the bags and her blouse.  

I called her about an hour after she left to ask if there was a reason there were 3 Arby's Sauce packets busted open and smeared all over the kitchen cabinet.  Pip did it.  He has a thing about biting bananas and apples, not eating them, but biting them.  He went vampire on the Arby's sauce and it made it's way from here to Belk and back.  Sadly, Pip probably bit the things the night before, prior to me bringing in the groceries...

Double-shot weekend for me with the return of CWF's Rising Generation League Saturday May 19th at the Sportatorium for THE WORLD IS YOURS!  Doors open at 7:00pm and belltime is 7:30pm!  Sunday afternoon Benefit Championship Wrestling returns to the Positive Attitude Youth Center in Burlington NC at 3:00pm Sunday May 20th for a stacked afternoon matinee!  See you at BCW's STARS AND STRIKES!

No more rasslin' for this guy until June 9th and then June 30th, both CWF Mid Atlantic events (Absolute Justice 2018 on the 9th!) at the Sportatorium in Gibsonville NC.  Plan on watching extra Braves baseball and more NASCAR than usual during off-time.  Seems like a plan to me!

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Invisibility Rocks

Invisibility?  Yeah.  I'm guessing that maybe 2 folks a month find this "blog site".  Certainly never had any interaction.  Such is life.  I write for myself frequently as it is.  I'm good!

We put CWF Worldwide on "hiatus" for a few weeks while we change up production companies and allow the new folks the opportunity to get up to speed.  I don't envy whoever takes on the task, you get nit-picked to death by the folks that watch it.  Currently we air on Twitch, which provides a chatroom on the side of the screen for instant interaction.  Or we will when we return.  You know what I mean!

IndyInsiders on Facebook seems to be a popular destination after years of "meh" response.  Not sure if it's because I've kept on doing it or that a new group of fans and wrestlers are coming along and catching on to what we do.  Having a core of people around me referring to the site as "spoilers" wasn't helping my numbers, looking back with 20-20 hindsight.  Happy to see new faces and love seeing the reposts from our page.  I've been focusing on a one-man campaign on behalf of our home base which seems to be catching on.  "See You At The Sportatorium!"  

Tommy and I have finished recording vocals on everything we had in the loop and currently have NOTHING set to record, either original or cover.  We've discussed a few cover ideas (from old Grand Funk Railroad medley to a Judas Priest staple) and for some reason last night I got to thinking I'd like to cover Epic by Faith No More.  I have no idea why, but I did work on that song years ago and it's got a lot of places Tommy could REALLY shine on guitar and piano on it.  You want it all but you can't have it...

Tore up the Fit Saturday night, was struck by a hit-and-run driver on Interstate 85 around 11 pm.  In 5mph construction zone traffic, merging from 3 lanes down to 1.  I pulled over, he didn't, I got back on the highway and called 911.  After a minute or two on the phone with the NC Highway Patrol, the dispatcher asks "are you back on the road" and I told him I was.  He informed me I needed to pull over immediately or they couldn't do an accident report, so I complied.  About 10 minutes later blue lights approach up the median behind me and pulls off the road to the right.  Trooper asked if I was OK, I am, and tells me to "sit tight" and sped off after the guy that hit me.

About 10-15 minutes later he  pulls in front of me and instructs me to follow him at the speed he's driving exactly where he's driving.  Then he DIMS the rear strobes and emergency lights on his cruiser and tells me "I'm getting you past this construction, follow me" and down the median we went like a flash.  Pulled up on another trooper a couple of miles down the road and they stop traffic to allow me to pull in front of the car that hit me.  They did their report, took photos and had me fill out a statement.  They told me "we'll get you home as quickly as we possibly can" and delivered.  I was on the road back home in less than an hour after the actual accident.  Lucky for the backed up traffic, the trooper was in traffic behind me and KNEW he could catch the guy that hit me.  I assume he got a hit-and-run in a construction zone, so I can't imagine him having any auto insurance after this fiasco.

You have no idea how mad I was when the joker hit me.  You really have no idea how furious I became when he drove past me after I pulled off of the highway.  The Jack Hedrick in me is still strong, ya'll.  And I won't apologize for it, ever.  Have a good-un!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Dateline: January 107, 2018

Oh the weather outside is psychotic...No joke.  Tornado close to home (well in the same county) freezing cold and early summer heat all in the same day or two.  It would probably be 85 outside right now if the wind wasn't howling.  I'm beginning to think that Mother Nature has been on a bender for real.  

The one-day KERNODLE BROTHERS TAG TEAM TOURNAMENT came off smooth as glass, and history was made in an incredible day and night of action.  Congrats to Trevor Lee & Chet Sterling on the ultimate win over Chikara Tag Champions the Closers' Rick Roland & Sloan Caprice.  Touched on everyone involved on a special Insiders' Soapbox on the Insiders' Facebook gimmick earlier in the week, Monday I think.  We're returning to the Sportatorium Saturday for the Rising Generation League's THE NEXT EPISODE!  Tickets at, ya'll!  And #Neckbone and stuff.

Also, PWI International Ultra-J Crown Champion Andrew Everett will be on hand to defend his title NEXT Saturday April 28th at the Sportatorium against the incredible Cam Carter!

On the music front, I've heard two mixes of No Matter What, the second being incredible.  Still nothing on the "R&B" tune, but that may come at any time.  Tommy did throw me another curve ball by shooting me another upbeat rock original for me to throw some lyrics at yesterday.  An hour or so with it today, and I'm one line from being done with the "pre-chorus" and choruses and that leaves only a couple of verses.  Yeah, I write some of my stuff backwards, just like I edit my photos for the Insiders.  I may explain that someday.  Or maybe not.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Sinuses, Singing & Suplexes

I'm almost human again and after actually MISSING WORK (GASP!) Karen's nearing feeling human again.  She's still not eating much, but it seems the heating pad I bought her did wonders for her when she felt her worse.  Odd, she's only drinking Coca-Cola now after years of Diet Dr. Pepper and says everything has a strange taste to it.  The other day she said everything smelled like stale coffee to her.  Different the next day, but the same level of repulsiveness.  Hope she continues to get over this mess, her stress level at work is at an all-time high.

Back into the studio tomorrow with Tommy to record our, get this, BEACH tune "I'll Be True".  Totally expected another original before we returned to the studio, and kind of figured when it never arrived he was going to record another cover for us to tackle.  That is EXACTLY what he did and after going through the song tonight, I am JACKED at the opportunity to cover Badfinger's classic "No Matter What".  Jacked is an understatement.  We are re-creating the music we grew up on between original projects.  And yes, I still listen to our cover of "Limelight" expecting to find a flaw.  Still haven't.  Still makes the hair on my arms stand up when I hear it.  Not sure what we'll release next, but we do have almost a half dozen originals still unreleased.  

After several weekends off, we kick back into gear Saturday at the Sportatorium with TWO huge events comprising the 2018 KERNODLE BROTHERS TAG TEAM TOURNAMENT.  First round action kicks off at 3:30pm and the Finals begin at 7:30pm.  Tickets to BOTH sessions are available now at  

In non CWF Mid Atlantic headlines, I'm so jacked to see our old buddy Cedric Alexander win the WWE Cruiserweight Title at Wrestlemania 34.  Even more jacked to see our old buddy No Way Jose (who was Manny Garcia in CWF) make his debut on WWE Raw the following night, taking on recent Trevor Lee challenger "Southern Savior" John Skyler.  And to think, people used to make fun of me for working in pro wrestling, and now a lot of guys I have worked with are stepping into the big spotlight.  No, I'm not taking credit (although "Jose" IS a CWF Dojo trained wrestler) for these guys, but seeing them making headlines makes me feel damn good, like a personal accomplishment.

Monday, April 2, 2018


The past two weeks have been pure allergy misery.  Yes, even with snow on the ground, my sometimes spring allergies have hit me like a sledgehammer and don't seem to be easing up anytime soon.  And now it's warm enough today that I had to turn on the AC in the car to keep from appearing to be crying like a baby while driving in the sickening green fuzz covering the world.  

My next door neighbor locked her keys in her car this morning and couldn't get into her apartment.  I called the emergency number for her and opened the living room window to see if they called back.  Big mistake.  I probably look like I've spent the last half hour crying like a baby at this point.  Everything inside is now glowing an eerie green like a cheesy sci-fi movie.  Invasion of the sinus monsters is in full effect today.  Even my face hurts at this point.

Which television series produced the most spin-offs?  Always figured it was All In the Family, with a huge family tree of spin-off shows.  All in The Family begat Maude which begat Good Times. All In The Family also begat the Jeffersons and we all moved on up.  Then came Gloria, Checking In, 704 Hauser Street and Archie Bunker's Place.  But wait!  The Mary Tyler Moore program actually spun off three series as themselves!  Rhoda, Phyllis and the one-hour drama Lou Grant ran between 1974 and 1982, which is what Yahoo claims to be the series with the most spin-offs.  Good thing we're not also talking animated spin-offs, because Happy Days would probably wipe them all out considering that Happy Days was a flipping spin-off from the Love Boat.  BOOM!  Minds blown.

And yeah, I never even mentioned Three's Company, Star Trek, Bugs Bunny or Scooby Doo!

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Stretching out...

After four consecutive weekends of CWF Mid Atlantic live events, I'm looking at a couple of weekends off.  Enterprise Car Rental won't like that, but hey, what can I say?  They'll see me by mid-April I'm certain.  The Sportatorium is hot.  Not physically, mind you, but literally.  Queens of Combat have the stage this Saturday, which I'm no longer associated with, so weekend off!  Funny how that works...

Tommy's throwing me files that I can't even keep up with.  Since buying a new Marshall Combo, he's been going back and re-recording old recordings and sending me the new versions.  He started with our first outing, Ashes To Ashes and today I discover a new mix of I Come Tumblin'.  That's after he drops a BEAUTIFUL second mix of the Beatles' If I Fell, which includes the sound of a stylus making contact with the record before the song begins.  That's a great memory and feeling all by itself right there, kids.  Yeah, there are more, but at this point I'll have to get into my music files to see which ones he's sent. 

Marshall 14 - Computer 0  F

I really hope some inspiration hits him and he sends me some new original stuff soon, I'm itching to tell some more stories.  Of course, it also requires him to physically have the time to take on these chores too, so I totally understand.  I get it.  It just gives me time to harass my crazy cat, who spent the bulk of the day today under my desk popping me on the leg asking for attention.  It took a new catnip mouse and a half-hour of playing fetch before he decided it was nap time.  Yes, Pip plays fetch.  He's fond of chasing down hair bands, he'll catch Wasp and Poison...No.  The elastic-fabric covered rubber bands you buy for ponytails, silly.  So basically, you know now why it took me until after dark to get IndyInsiders.Com updated.  I kid you not.

Also, have I mentioned how much I enjoy when Pig Daddy Cool, the Proletariat Boar of Moldova or Ol' Juke Joint Lucas Calhoun appear on our events?  Guys brought a huge gentleman, half of the current Chikara Tag Team Champions Rick Roland with them and they were all three involved in a great six-man tag.  Aiight, I'm outta here.  Here's Roland catching the Boar out of midair and Lucas Calhoun stopping time with a single chop!  Night kids.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Mo Better Update?

Wrestling is rocking along with a new life again, RoxX is rolling along with a couple of more songs recorded since my last post here and things are looking good all around for a change.  Even Pip is living the life, eating, sleeping and sleeping some more.  Karen's actually talking retirement, says she's not going through another Christmas season in retail, but if I know her she'll be looking for a part-time job within a week of retiring.  I'd bet on that.

Happy as a clam to have our old buddy Shane "Hurricane" Helms with us again, heck, he's holding our Worldwide Television Championship currently!  We're running the Sportatorium Saturday for a CWF Rising Generation League event called THINGS DONE CHANGED!  Saturday the 10th CWF Mid Atlantic returns to Hargrave Rec Center in Chapel Hill NC for CWF THE BIG PAYBACK!  Saturday March 17th the "Hurricane" Shane Helms returns to the Sportatorium for CWF Mid Atlantic's GREEN WITH ENVY!  Tickets available at

Tommy and I hit the studio on Monday (yes Monday) of last week and recorded a surprise song he sent me only Sunday.  Backstory is that he discovered the drum track, which he had did maybe 15 years ago for a one-off one-man performance at his company's Christmas Party.  So he built the song around it, sends it to me on Sunday and calls Sunday night inviting me over Monday to record.  Long story short, we finished Rush's Limelight, I doubled my parts and we moved on to our newest original "It's Gonna Be Alright".  I've called this a "Tom Petty" song because it was written very similar to a Petty song, but I feel it came out a little closer to a Traveling Willbury's tune.  Still haven't heard the first mix of it yet, but I'm driving around in the car just to listen to Limelight...


Follow up on the previous post, we got royally SCREWED by our landlord.  Our rent did not increase $26 a month, it increased $56 a month.  C...