Sunday, February 11, 2018

I Feel Good.

You know, I feel good about a lot more today than I have felt good about for years.  I feel good about continuing to record with Tommy (RoxX), I feel good about the direction and mood of our niche in pro wrestling and I feel like I've been set free.  Free from something I can't touch, can't see, but have felt off and on for years it seems.  Even Karen has told me my whole mood has changed and that I'm much more "bearable" to be around.  That's good, right?  Gotta be, she's still living here.

I'm really excited about the future of CWF and the new attitude from top to bottom that is bouying everyone involved.  The cooperation is at an all-time high and everyone is helping everyone else.  Volunteer isn't a word that's avoided right now, either.  The core group has got some of the younger guys involved and they're taking care of their end of the deal.  A few friends have stepped in to help smooth out any bumps along the road and give us options for visual expansion of our product (talking my buddy John Moses here, ya'll!).  

We hit the studio last week and put down vocals for And Your Bird Can Sing, an old Beatles favorite and, not kidding here, the Monkees' Pleasant Valley Sunday.  I'm digging the early mixes of both and can't wait for the next original that I've still yet to hear.  Sure it's in the pipeline and I'll see and hear it shortly.  

Working currently on less than six hours of sleep (went to bed around 3:15am and was out of bed at 8:45am) and things are looking fuzzy, but in a good way.  I stumbled through the day, finished editing photos and publishing the websites before hitting the shower.  While showering, it hits me that I had totally forgot to update one of my usual 3 pages following each live event.  Handled that in about five minutes and I'm good until next Sunday for updates after CWF-RGL RISIN' TO THE TOP!  See You At The Sportatorium!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Out With The Old...

Our wrestling company had a bit of an upheaval early in January when we parted company with our main booker for the past few years.  The waves of cause and effect rolled my direction, too, and I had to make the decision to replace my long-time partners on my wrestling website, IndyInsiders.Com.  One of the fellows that left was the center of the company issue and the other is a very close friend of his, who has decided to take some time off to reconsider what he wants to do.

Two trusted friends have stepped up to join the madness that is IndyInsiders, the Artist Formerly Known as CWF Fancam, Steve Zeban and the critical eye of graphics guru Scott Neese, a.k.a. IWC Fancam on the interwebs.  Two guys that I have nothing but admiration for have helped insure that the website continues forward.  I'm also throwing this one out there, with the addition of Steve, our frequent contributor Taylor Zeban is firmly on deck for a spot in the show too!

The "new" Insiders crew will present the 2017 IndyInsiders Awards on Saturday February 10th at Gibsonville NC's Mid Atlantic Sportatorium during CWF STRONG!  Tickets, directions and everything CWF can be found at CWF247.COM!

The day after my last update here, I did receive the first mix of "If I Fell" from Tommy and it brought back another wave of warm and fuzzy feelings.  We had discussed moving forward with more originals, but this morning I awake to an email with the finished music track for another Beatles classic, "And Your Bird Can Sing".  I'm jacked.  This is one of my absolute favorites, which I always thought was the highlight of the 25+ minute long Beatles Medley by Stars on 45.  Can't wait to tackle it.  I can see us doing this until we have enough tracks to release a "Beatles" album before it's over.  

So, my current mood has elevated into the "zone" again for the first time in years.  I'm excited about CWF Mid Atlantic and our plans for the future ensure many more years of high-impact pro wrestling fun and action for the fans.  My thoughts of retirement are officially on the back burner and I'm ready for whatever CWF requests.  Tommy must be seeing a weekend off in his near future or he wouldn't be sending new tunes, and I'm extremely honored that he continues to want to record with me on our various musical projects.  The future looks bright for both CWF and RoxX and I'm wired by the prospects offered to me by both.  Excuse my grin, but I'm feeling great.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

A Damn Cold Beginning

2018 kicks off with record cold temperatures here in God's Country and I guess it's ok to say that Mr. Trump has fixed Global Warming in his first year in office.  First time my water here has frozen up in 17 years.  At least it was stupid.  Yeah, stupid.  Water frozen solid, maintenance puts in an electric heater in the utility room and tells me to call them when the water starts running.  It didn't.  Got a hotel room at the Marriott next door and wore out their huge Euro-style shower.  Checked out, came home and maintenance comes back asking if I have water yet.  Nope.  Well, let's go take a look!

Out to the utility room, he opens it.  The heater is running and the light is on.  It's cold as &@^# in there!  He walks around the building to the vacant apartment next door's side and the door is standing wide open.  Which explains why my water froze up in the first place.  Ten to twelve minutes later my water returned with a roar.  Kept it dripping since, but I'm hearing frozen water stories everywhere.

Very successful weekend in the studio.  Finished Beatles tracks "If I Fell", "Anytime At All" and "Yes It Is" as well as new original "Unwavering Light".  I've got demos and rough mixes of all of these except "If I Fell" and am freaking out kind of hard.  The new original shows off a lot of what we've learned learning and performing these complex Beatles tunes.  Wait until Tommy releases "Yes It Is".  I still can't believe that is US singing these songs!  We still #RoxX!

I imagine we'll focus on new originals as soon as we have more to concentrate on, Tommy's still on mad overtime working six days a week.  Figures he won't have another week-long break until April.  We've knocked around doing some other covers down the road and the next one may be "I Got The Fire" by Montrose.  Or it may even be a Judas Priest tune.  I dunno, with the release of "It Won't Be Long", we still have three Beatles tunes unreleased as well as five originals.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas Day Musings

Even more RoxX recording news...We will be returning to the studio on Thursday and Friday of this week to record vocals for 3 Beatles covers and 1 new original.  Yup, we're so jacked over the results in the first two Beatles covers, "I Am The Walrus" and unreleased "It Won't Be Long" that we're going to cover "Yes It's True" with Tommy on lead vocal and both "If I Fell" and "Anytime At All" as well as original "Unwavering Light".  Funny, he asked on the phone last night if I was good with doing Beatles covers, said he just assumed and started working on them and sending them to me.  Great minds, brother, he's choosing songs I can pretty much nail with a little persistence, and yeah, the Beatles were my first favorite band.  Ever.  

Christmas was a huge, or should I say YUGE? success this year with great family dinners on both Christmas Eve and again today.  Trish went all out for last night, was given a huge assist by Sharon and we all ate until we couldn't move.  I never even went for dessert.  Got to meet the family's latest addition from China, 13 year old Lilah.  The little girl is a doll, and one of the quickest thinking kids I've ever been around.  She's all Powell for sure.  Sallie went all out today and we spent several hours doing what no one does much of any more, reconnecting and just catching up.  With an exceptional spread of goodies, we once again consumed freely.  And once again, I enjoyed everything so much I never went for a dessert either, despite the beautiful swans at every place setting...One of the most peaceful holidays ever, despite Karen's evil retail schedule leading up to the big day.

Won't comment on yesterday's Panthers win over Tampa Bay, but 11-4 still seems just right for this team.  If only we could have beaten Brees once this season, but we'll take what they give us at this point.  #KeepPounding

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Odds and Ends!

More lyrics written, working title "Unwavering Light", and submitted to Tommy, who I've not heard from in a couple of weeks.  Figures, his work is still on "crazy" overtime.  Had no idea until yesterday that our more recent releases on SoundCloud appear to be getting new listens and likes.  Still listening to "It Won't Be Long" freaking out that it is my voice I hear in the speakers or headphones.  Also still staring slack-jawed at the likes on "I Am The Walrus".  Thanks kids!

And by the way, from RoxX and our families, Merry Christmas!

I know real change doesn't come overnight, but it is almost beginning to appear that even the most liberal of publications are now admitting that Donald Trump is winning for America.  I never in my life thought I'd see the absolute most biased outlet around, Huffington Post, saying Trump was indeed winning.  On the same thread of politics, wtf is Obama up to?  Sedition for sure, possibly treason and he has indeed violated the Hatch Act and should be arrested.  But what do I know?

Read a PetRx article the other day that finally allowed me to figure out Pip's crazy vocalizations he does at the window sometimes.  Apparently some cats do something vets call "chirping", which is the cat thinking he's making bird noises to attract his prey.  Funny part is, when Dave brought him down here, he told me that Pip makes weird noises at the window when he sees a bug.  Seriously, you should have heard him the morning a huge turtle meandered up under the living room windows and hung out a few hours.  He was going bonkers!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

RoxX Stuff & Updates

Crazy weekend off included another trip to the studio to record vocals for our third cover, the Beatles' It Won't Be Long.  I ended up singing both John and Paul's parts, Tommy added George's parts and we pretty much kept it true to the original, including FIVE voices on the final notes of the song.  After completing my parts on this, we went back and replaced Tommy's high backing vocals with my own (hey, it was his idea) on Time To Play.  Makes a huge difference in the overall sound that I wouldn't have considered without Tommy's suggestion in the first place.  

Tommy sent me another new original Friday (I think) and told me Saturday that he's almost got another new original ready to send to me.  Better get my writing hat on, which should come easy with a fast up-beat tune to play with like the first one.  He's not been standing still, ya'll.  Tommy's recent studio hack is inspecting his studio's power supply, making changes and finding new ways to remove unwanted sound from recording.  He hit something out of the park already, I didn't know my headphones were on Saturday until I made some noise in the mic.  Still jacked with the response to I Am The Walrus on SoundCloud, too.  Can't wait to see which track he publishes next...

So the tables have turned!  A few years ago when Karen and I would go out shopping or to eat locally, someone there ALWAYS seemed to know me.  It still happens but not as frequently as it used to, but Karen's gotten so popular with her customers at Belk that we can't go into Harris-Teeter for groceries without her running into at least three of her regulars.  She has this profession down.  Knows her products, knows what her customers want and hooks them up.  I honestly think she'd really enjoy her work if it wasn't for the other duties they have to handle and sometimes, people.  Personally, I'm at the point that I love this world and find it more precious than I have anytime in my life, but I have an issue with a LOT of it's people.

Carolina Panthers are currently at 8-3.  #KeepPounding ya'll!

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Mid-November Random Update

Two dates remain on my 2017 wrestling calendar and I'm ready for a little break, which may be remedied by the break until our next event on Dec. 2nd.  Didn't realize until the last two weekends just how much these all-nighters are taking a toll on me, must be the advanced age, right Pops?

Tommy released our version of the Beatles' I Am The Walrus last Saturday to rave reviews on Soundcloud.  Pleased to share it here for everyone.  If you like it, share it and enjoy!  #RoxX

RoxX - I Am The Walrus cover

Why doesn't anyone sell zippered hoodie sweatshirts that would be long like a lowrider duster?  Bathrobe length or longer perhaps.  A freakin' Snuggie without your feet impaired maybe?  Not that much to ask...

Thursday, November 2, 2017

RoxX, Phone Numbers and an Exit?

Due to no updates, I am up to not one but TWO updates on the mix of I Am The Walrus, and it may be released this weekend or next.  And the no updates refers to me on this blog, as us RoxX dudes are in contact regularly.

Tommy said he wasn't happy with a few of our previous releases' sound on Soundclound and is doing some remixing to make them sound better on the platform we release them on.  Gotta be their compression, etc. that changes up the sound quality and he's going to attempt to compensate.  Not sure which tracks or if he's changed anything.  Will update here if and when I find out!

Weird moment.  When you suddenly begin remembering telephone numbers from your past.  Like my great-grandmother Sally "Ma" Briggs, hers was 886-6411.  And my grandmother Anna's was 882-1463.  Early Tommy Smith phone number when we were kids 884-4308.  Mom & Dad's number 883-4503.  Grandmother Golda's number was 431-3272.  OK.  I'm officially weirding my own self out now.  I'm NOT a number guy.  I don't even know my own cell number now.

Yeah, I'm saying it.  Again...

Seriously considering slowing my roll on the pro wrestling gigs after the first of the year.  With only 5 bookings for the remainder of the year, I don't want to make the decision based on the emotion of one night.  My input has been reduced to basically zero over the past year or so at my wrestling home and it seems I'm looked at sideways when I dare make a suggestion.  I feel like an unused resource on many levels, but mostly ignored by the younger guys.  I mean, not to toot my own horn, but I was on the air announcing wrestling when most of today's announcers were in nursery school.  But hey, I'm not a WWE mark and don't worship at the feet of the mighty McMahon, so we have nothing in common.  Right?  That must be it.

Thursday, October 12, 2017


Awoke Tuesday morning to an email from Tommy with the subject:  Surprise!  Clicked it open and he tells me he's been off work and had decided to go ahead and re-create the Beatles' I Am The Walrus, which was attached.  We spent five hours in studio today and I believe all of my vocal parts have been recorded.  Including part of a scene from King Lear, which you hear close to the end of the song.  I have goo-gooed more ga-joobs than I new could possibly exist today, but I can't wait to hear how this one sounds...

Tommy has re-mixed "It's A Lie" adding some harmony vocals and said he may release it on Saturday, making it our 16th release since we started this journey.  Tommy checked some listener stats today for his Soundcloud account where we release our music and discovered we're getting more listens in the Soviet Union than anywhere else in the world, so thanks comrades!

It would appear that the "powers that pull the strings" in High Point politics has decided to become a public entity, now referred to by the High Point Enterprise as the "PAC".  I refer to it as the City Hall/HP Enterprise/HPU PAC, which it appears to be.  They're all about the downtown stadium deal and making it happen and ran folks that support it.  Today in the Enterprise they were self high-fiving themselves for having all of their candidates advance in the primary.

Let's not forget that High Point is one of these progressive "non-partisan election" cities.  Let's not forget that a majority of failing cities are ran by Democrats.  Oddly enough, the partisan v. non-partisan deal is about a 50-50 proposition that generally allows the party that is not in power to keep folks in the drivers' seat.  Math is hard, ya'll, but it's not invisible.

HPU wants land to build a football stadium and I'm convinced that the powers behind these so-called "philanthropy dollars" consider this downtown deal to be theirs to use for this purpose.  Some reports are now calling this "baseball stadium" a possible "multi-use stadium" which is news to everyone.  I've smelled a rat since they first announced this deal and the stench is getting stronger and stronger each day.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Terror Close To Home

I'm on the other side of the country from Las Vegas, but it touched right here last night and this morning.  A friend here in High Point has a daughter that goes to Vegas for weekends and actually had tickets for last night's Jason Aldean concert.  She did not attend and had rather given her tickets to another friend.  The friend that attended's girl friend was shot in the leg at the show, but she should be fine according to friends.  Not enough degrees of separation between this kind of hate and home.

Violent gun incident in the US?  Cue the Gun Control freaks.  Certain to make the most of this opportunity, seeing how the media is only focused on NFL players protesting currently.

Pip had a bad night last night.  I was exhausted from the no-sleep road-trip weekend and he woke me around 2am swatting jewelry off of the dresser.  I retaliated by throwing my glasses case at him and he ran downstairs.  Total silence for every bit of six minutes and then CRASH!  I hear things from the living room credenza hitting the floor and being knocked over and jump out of bed hoping to save the lamp.  I come down the stairs to find Pip hanging from the top of the living room window, under the blinds, trying to climb higher with his back feet kicking like mad. 

I grabbed him, tossed him over to the couch and he jumped right back up there a second time.  Grabbed him again and put him on the couch and turned to start putting stuff back where it belongs and he dove between the glassware on there and the window, scratching at the glass all fuzzed up.  I turn on the porch light and see a mostly orange cat sitting casually under our window watching the Pip Experience from outside, and he saunters off after a second or two after realizing I was standing there looking at him.  Pip didn't wake me again.

He did, however, tell me he was sorry this morning by stretching out across my lap on the couch and burying his face in my hand.  Guess it's true, there's a fine line between sanity and insanity.

Happy Spocktober everyone!  Live Long And Prosper!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Things And Such

The big news in the local wrestling scene is how year 5 of Wrestlecade in Winston has now been upstaged by the WWE's announcement of Starrcade in Greensboro.  I can't believe in with a straight face that it is a mere coincidence, and I wonder if the shareholders voted on trying to ruin another company's "crown jewel" by their mere presence.

I've never been to Wrestlecade, but thousands have, and like pilgrims they go to Winston to see the legends of the past and current stars.  The WWE's announcement has an odor about it, as Dusty Rhodes is the man behind the classic StarrCade.  Why did they wait until after his death to honor him by naming an event after his idea?  

Pretty vindictive for a major corporation, wouldn't you agree?

In a much lighter vein, when the news broke, I immediately went about creating a THIRD event poster for the very same night, for a big event at Thomasville NC's NG Armory.  After dropping every promotion's name I could think of onto the poster, I began brainstorming what would be the single biggest draw between the three events.  Simple.  Free parking!  And to keep with the theme of the weekend, we'll call this one FabeCade 2017!  And yes, that IS "Red Hot" Tim Blaze (Wrestlecade/AML) in the bottom center of the poster.

I Feel Good.

You know, I feel good about a lot more today than I have felt good about for years.  I feel good about continuing to record with Tommy (RoxX...